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What is the difference between Blackmores Proactive Multi for 50+ men and the standard Blackmores Men’s multi?

What is the difference between Blackmores Proactive Multi for 50+ (BP50) men and the standard Blackmores Men’s (BM) multi?  There isn’t a huge difference in the price per pill, unlike some of the other brands we have looked at in the 50+ range, so it’s more a case of which is best for your body, than which is best value.


There is 1400mcg of vitamin A in the BP50, with none at all in the BM.  Vitamin A is helpful for maintaining vision, so it’s good to have more than the 900mcg Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) included here as you reach for those reading glasses.

At first glance it may seem a little odd that the BP50 product has much less B1, B2, B5, B6 and B9 than its standard counterpart.  But even with the lower dosage on these important vitamins, they all exceed the Australian RDI for men, and perhaps enable the price point for the BP50 to be kept competitive as they include a broader range of vitamins and minerals.  

There is 150mcg of Biotin in the BP50 product compared to just 50mcg in the BM.  But with an RDI of 30mcg this is not a big differentiator, especially as there is no specified upper limit for intake.  There is about 20% more B12 in the BP50 which is helpful as older men generally have lower levels of this vitamin. But, again, this is well in excess of any RDI requirements so need not be a critical factor in your decision making.

The RDI for vitamin C is 45mg for men.  While the BP50 tablets have 120mg and the BM has 100mg, both are more than adequate, especially if you’re eating a few serves of fresh fruit and green leafy vegetables every day.

The BP50 has a good solid 10mcg of vitamin D, which is is helpful for bone formation and retention by helping the small intestine to absorb calcium.  As you age, generally your levels of vitamin D fall, so it makes sense that the BP50 has included this. There is no vitamin D in the standard BM tablet.

Vitamin E is delivered in solid amounts in both versions of the Blackmores offering, but with 34mg in the BP50 compared to 20mg in the BM.

Neither product includes vitamin K.


Boron, iron, silicon, phosphorus and chromium appear in the BP50 product but not in the BM.

We like that Blackmores has included 1mg of Boron in their BP50.  Boron helps with bones, testosterone production and mental acuity, all of which tend to be areas that men over 50 will want to consider.  Boron also tends to be left out by most brands

BP50 also includes 250mcg of chromium, which helps to moderate blood glucose levels.  With diabetes on the rise this is a sensible inclusion. There is no chromium in the BM product.

Calcium levels in both products are below 60mg, which is well below the 1000mg RDI for men over 50 (rising to 1300 for men over 70). Realistically calcium levels could be higher in both.

There is 100mcg of iodine in the BP50 compared to 50mcg in the BM.  The RDI for iodine is 100mcg and the body needs enough of this important mineral for regulation of the thyroid.  Insufficient iodine can result in reduced mental alertness, tiredness, weight gain and high cholesterol.

Iron deficiency in men who eat meat tends to be pretty rare, and even in a well-balanced vegan diet. Nevertheless the inclusion of 5mg in the BP50 product is prudent to assist with ensuring the efficient production of red-blood cells and keeping you energetic.

Magnesium is roughly the same amount in both products, although at below 40mg it is well short of the 420mg RDI.  Green leafy vegetables, legumes and bananas all have high amounts of magnesium. More deliciously, a few squares of dark chocolate will give you about 30mg of this important mineral.

There is less manganese in the BP50 than BM, which is unusual given the mineral’s role in bone health and connective tissue.  At 20% of your 5.5mg RDI in the BP50 compared to 40% in the BM, this is one area the BM product shines.

Other than calcium, phosphorus is the most plentiful mineral in the body. Appropriate levels of phosphorus are important to maintain healthy bones, provide energy and to assist in the uptake of certain vitamins and other minerals.  With just 46mg in the BP50, compared to an RDI of 1000mg this isn’t going to be a deciding factor for most men. A serve of chicken or pork will provide ten times this amount. Korean scientists have posited a link between excess phosphorus in the body and erectile dysfunction, but this may well be more correlation than causation and the quantities included in the Blackmores Proactive Multi for 50+ are unlikely to be sufficient to trigger any unfortunate incidents in the bedroom.

At 50mcg, BP50 has double the amount of selenium that the BM product has.  Remember that a small serve of tuna has almost triple this amount and the RDI for selenium is 70mcg.

18mg of silicon will help with bone and connective tissue health in the BP50 product, while both offerings have exactly the same amount of zinc.

The Final Word

Blackmores is a quality brand, well respected for good reason.   Given there is very little variance in price per tablet, it makes sense to choose the Blackmores product that is most appropriate for your age.  For men over fifty, loyal to the Blackmores brand it definitely makes sense to choose the Blackmores Proactive Multi for 50+, especially when it’s on sale.