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Berocca Boost Vs Voost Energy – Battle of the Fizz!

What’s the difference between Berocca Boost and Voost Energy?

Sometimes you just want a nice fizzy pick-me-up and the last thing you need is to try and read the fine print on the back of those long curvy containers, dammit! And is it really just a co-incidence that they both end in “oost”?

First up; is it even worth taking your vitamins in this form?  Could you just take a standard vitamin pill and slam down a shot of coffee? The answer is, yes, you could, but studies have shown that effervescent tablets do increase the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Due to the high content of carbonate salt, upon the ingestion of the drug solution, the gastric PH is temporarily elevated…promoting drug absorption from the upper small intestine..higher drug bioavailablity and faster onset of action can usually be achieved”.

On the energy side of things both the Berocca and Voost energy brands have almost exactly the same amount of caffeine – 75mg. That is roughly the amount of coffee you’ll get from an espresso, so you’ll feel the pick-me-up effect pretty quickly.  Both tablets also contain Guarana which, surprisingly, has more caffeine than coffee, but also has a host of other benefits. A 2017 study concluded that guarana had substantial anti-oxidant and ant-ageing capabilities. The study was done on roundworms, rather than actual people but they have similar tissue structures to humans. In the guarana stakes, Voost has the edge with 60mg compared to Berocca’s 40mg.


On the vitamins and minerals  you can see the marketing teams for both companies are keeping an eye on the competition, with the numbers for calcium, magnesium, zinc, B1, B2, B3, B5 more or less identical.

Berocca has a bit more B6 at 2mg to Voost’s 1.4mg, which puts Berocca ahead of the Australian RDI and is helpful for maintaining a healthy brain and immune system. Berocca also has three times as much biotin which is helpful for a range of enzymatic functions.

Voost has more than double the amount of B12 though which is correlated with increased energy, as well as a little more vitamin C and E which act as anti-oxidants.

Overall which would you go for? There’s not a lot in it so you might want to grab whatever happens to be on special!