Are Aldi Men’s Vitamins any good?

Aldi now stocks a range of vitamins for men and women. Considering the crazy stuff you find on the Aldi shelves, it seems unusual that it would have taken them so long to have a crack at the massive Australian vitamin market.  But, better late than never!

We bench-marked all the listed ingredients on the Aldi Essential Health Men’s High potency, and the short answer is that the little Aldi bottle of pills stacks up really well against the big brands.  Like, really well.

Most brands meet or exceed the Australian recommended daily allowances (RDI) for vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7 , B8 , B9 and B12 as well as C. And Aldi’s Men’s High Potency is no exception here.

It has the full RDI for D3, which only Microgenics and Centrum also do. Vitamin D deficiencies are quite common so this is great to see. It also has the highest amount of K1 of any of the brands we have covered, which is great for bone, blood and brain health and works nicely with the D3 to help turn calcium into bone. 

Oddly it has no vitamin E but you can get that from all those nuts, seeds and green leafy vegetables that you regularly eat. Right?  In all seriousness, vitamin E deficiency is pretty rare so you’ll probably be okay.

On the minerals, Aldi really hits its stride with solid numbers in chromium, copper, iodine and manganese. It has a reasonable amount of magnesium but not as much as Centrum, Nature’s Own or Swisse. If you’re eating plenty of those leafy greens, nuts and beans you’ll likely have the magnesium side of things covered.

Add in some lycopene and panax ginseng and you have a nicely well-rounded vitamin offering, all for the very handy price of $12.99

This article does not constitute medical advice. Please talk with your licensed physician to work out what is best for your individual needs.